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NB. The government introduced a new National Curriculum from September 2014. Since September 2015 all children from Y1 to Y6 follow this new curriculum.

We assess children using a system of 'steps' and our judgements are based on whether children are working at the appropriate levels of skills and understanding for their age. Further information about our assessment system can be found here.

As always should you have any queries regarding oujr curriculum please contact the school and we will do our best to provide you with further information. 

At Hareside, the learning your children take part in is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and the National Curriculum. We believe this gives us a firm basis from which to personalise our curriculum. We try to ensure our curriculum is one which best meets the needs of the children of Hareside. Our staff our talented in delivering learning in ways which will enthuse and excite children. Children learn best when they are having fun!

In Religous Education we follow the agreed syllabus for Northumberland which is currently under review for renewal in the Autumn term 2021. 

The links below will provide you with a little more detail about the learning you can expect your child to be covering as they progress through Hareside. We are however always looking for ways to enhance and tweak the curriculum to suit the particular group of children at any given time so some of the detail may change form time to time.

While mostly class based for their time in school, from Year 4 upwards children are taught in ability sets for some of their literacy and numeracy work. Experience shows this enables us to more closely focus the learning on the given ability range of these children. They will of course use and develop their literacy and numeracy skills in mixed ability settings beyond these lessons.

As always if you need any further information please contact us.

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