Hareside Primary School

Parental Comments

Ofsted Parent View Survey

In February 2016 we asked our parents to complete the Ofsted Parent View questionnaire to provide us with some feedback on how we were doing at Hareside. We had a tremendous response of 237 questionnaires returned.

A summary of the results can be seen below.  If it's too small to read please download a pdf version.


Of the 237 parents who expressed an opinion in our 2016 Ofsted Parent Views survey...

99% of them said that they would recommend Hareside to another parent.


 What parents said about Hareside in our 2016 survey…

  • "A lovely school with a small school feeling."

  • "We are very happy as parents that our son is happy at the school and enjoys coming to school."

  • "My children have made fantastic progress at Hareside, my sincerest thanks to all involved."

  • "I am as ever very impressed with the school."

  • "The school has been massively supporting of my child through difficulties faced due to health problems."

  • "Both of our children are happy and settled and enjoy coming to school. The staff are fantastic and genuinely care about the pupils and their progress. We would always recommend the school as it has developed both of our girls emotionally and socially as well as educating them to the curriculum."

  • "I am very pleased with every aspect of the school and the opportunities it provides. Excellent school with excellent teachers / teaching. I can't thank the school enough for all the support given to Xxx and Xxx during the past 18 months."

  • "Can't comment on how effectively the school deals with bullying as I've not had any experience - I do however think that it would be dealt with in the same manner they deal with everything else – well!"

    "Fantastic school, fantastic staff - outstanding!"

    "Hareside is a fantastic school and I am very happy with everything about it."

    "Highly recommend Hareside. My child has had a great encouragement and teaching all the way to Y6."

    "Xxx is extremely happy at school and I really appreciate all the extra help and support he receives."

    "Xxx is my third child at this school and I find the staff friendly and approachable and warm reception and overall feel happy that my boys had the chance to learn here."

    "I am very happy with Xxx 's progress and he seems to really enjoy school."

    "Xxx has made great progress and has settled well and made good friends."

    "A school where our child thrives in both the social and educational environment."

    "My son is always happy to come into school and tells me he really likes his teacher. He has progressed well this year."

    "Xxx has settled into nursery with no problems at all. I couldn't be happier!"

    "Fab! Loving Hareside. Great teachers, great support."


From Ofsted, November 2015

"Pupils enjoy school and are happy to attend. Pupils are very courteous and polite.  They are wonderful ambassadors for their caring and harmonious school."

"Pupils, including disadvantaged pupils make good progress in Key Stage 2 to reach standards in reading, writing and maths which are significnatly above the national average."


Just a few recent comments written by parents following the end of year pupil reports

“I would just like to thank all the teachers who have done an amazing job over the years to help XXXXXX become the person he is today thank you.”

“A huge thank you to all the staff that have supported XXXXXX to make such great progress since she joined Hareside.”

“A big thank you to all the staff in Hareside.  XXXXXX has done really well and I am pleased with his school report.  XXXXXX has always been enthusiastic to attend school and this is due to the fact that his teachers have given 100% in XXXXXX time in Hareside.”

“It is very pleasing to see that XXXXXX is doing well with his school work and that he seems to be enjoying it!  I am extremely proud of XXXXXX’s school report - compliments must go to the teachers and staff team at the school for the continuous hard work they have put in throughout the curricular year and beyond with all the children to maintain the obvious high standards that the school continues to show!  Many thanks again for all the good work that you do!!!  Greatly appreciated!!”

“XXXXXX has had an extremely positive experience this year, we are particularly pleased with XXXXXX change towards literacy, he now speaks with much improved attitude towards writing.  He has always enjoyed numeracy and this has continued this year.  Thank you for pushing XXXXXX  to reach his potential.

"Another very good report for XXXXXX.  XXXXXX and XXXXXX are obviously doing something right because XXXXXX gets upset when poorly and can’t come to school.  Great staff makes happy pupils.”

“I am really pleased with XXXXXX progress, she’s very happy at school and she is enjoying the wide variety of subjects in year 4.

“A pleasing report, XXXXXX has had a great year at Hareside and has settled in well.  A huge thank you to his class teacher XXXXXX who has always been available to speak to me with any concerns, also XXXXXX who’s helped XXXXXX throughout the year.”

“We are delighted with XXXXXX report.  My husband and I would like to say a huge thank you to XXXXXX  who has taught XXXXXX since he arrived at Hareside in January 2010.  She has been a wonderful teacher who has inspired and motivated him to learn in a most caring, supportive and fun environment.  He has thoroughly enjoyed his short time at Hareside Primary.  It has been very reassuring to know, that our son has been happy to go to school everyday and has been in a class where he has lots of friends and educated by a special person like XXXXXX.  I know XXXXXX will really miss Hareside, the staff and especially XXXXXX, whom he has very fond memories of.  We wish Hareside Primary and its staff every success for the future.”